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Dimensions: 323.85 mm External Width, Dimensions: 457.2 mm External Height, Dimensions: 304.8 mm External Depth, Dimensions: 425.45 mm Internal Width, Dimensions: 209.55 mm Internal Height, Dimensions: 273.05 mm Internal Depth, Dimensions: 241.3 mm Window Width, Dimensions: 88.9 mm Window Height, Features: RF shielding as effective as the IEE 299-2006 standard., Features: Large interior space, fits multiple devices., Features: Dual-side shielded AC, RJ45 and double USB ports., Features: Internal power strip with three AC ports and four USB ports., Features: Built-in gloves with support for touch devices., Features: Angled and isolated viewing window., Features: Built in LED light., Operating Temperature: +14°F (-10°C) to +122°F (+50°C)
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