57 Length (mm)
37 Width (mm)
29.2 Heihht (mm)
Power Consumption
12 V supplied via SNMP

Included Parts

Included Cable
3 m RJ45 Ethernet Cable

Input / Output

4 Input contacts
1 RJ45

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature
0°C to 70°C with accuracy of +/- 1°c

CyberPower Environmental Sensor

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This item comes with 3 years warranty, subject to buying

The CyberPower Environmental Sensor (ENVIROSENSOR) provides for UPS monitoring and management. Its four input contact closures allow users to monitor up to four other connected devices such as door alarms, security switches, and security systems. For real-time temperature and humidity readings of a datacenter, IT closet, or other critical environment, combine the ENVIROSENSOR with a CyberPower Remote Management Card (RMCARD205 or RMCARD305), sold separately. Administrators can define temperature parameters in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and rising temperatures will prompt the RMCARD to send a predefined notification.

Security Monitoring Input contact closures provide options for monitoring door alarms, security switches, and other security devices.

RMCARD/Environmental Sensor Compatibility
Ensures coordination of information between the CyberPower Environmental Sensor (ENVIROSENSOR) and the RMCARD205/RMCARD305

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